Top 10 Movies of 2016

I get to the movies whenever I have the time to. It's my escape and has been ever since I realized what movies were. This is a list of my top 10 favorite movies from the year of 2016. Maybe some of yours made my list. 

For me, there are a few necessary things that a film needs to be good:

  1. Good casting
  2. Depth to the script
  3. Music that adheres well to the movie and acts as a character
  4. The plot of the movie adheres to the overall theme, as in, they don't jump so far off course that it's confusing

So, let's start this list right... now! 

10. War Dogs

Jonah Hill gives one of his most amazing performances in this movie, and his laugh is enough to kind of love the character that he plays despite what a 'snake in the grass' he is. Based on a true story, the planning and thinking that had to go into such an operation in unbelievable and spectacular. Miles Teller doesn't really standout here, as he did in Whiplash, but maybe that's because there's such a realism in his performance versus Hill's flamboyant portrayal of his character. Someone needed to ground the movie, which Teller did. 

9. The Accountant

I left this movie in awe. After 24-36 hours to process it, I saw the unbelievable amount of plot holes, but that didn't stop me from still enjoying this movie. Ben Affleck so carefully portrays a character that easily could have appeared completely stiff and nearly lifeless, and despite the fact that the character had doses of those traits, he is more and that comes through Affleck's ability to act with his expressions, making words unnecessary. Most of the time, just with his eyes, you could tell he was in serious thought, planning and plotting. It wasn't a smile or a smirk - it was the eyes. Affleck's character (despite being a killer) shows that just because you have a disability, you don't have to let it stop you from being great. I know this is a work of fiction, but movies are supposed to leave you with a message, and I was left with just that. 

8. The Jungle Book

While the script is not groundbreaking, the filmmaking is. Jon Favreau directs a virtual masterpiece that looks so lifelike despite being filmed on a soundstage in Los Angeles. None of the animals were real, and the sets weren't, either, yet the animation was so precise and perfect that it made the animals looked like you were actually in the jungle with them, which was breathtaking. 

7. Star Trek Beyond

This was a good time at the movies, for sure. Simon Pegg penned the script as well as starred in the franchise for the third time as Scotty. The casting for this series is so spot-on, making just seeing the characters ultra satisfying. The story was completely original, as the villain was created for the movie, and they didn't bring the villain in from the television show, as they did with Kahn in the second movie. This movie goes back to the roots of the first film: a good summer, popcorn flick that actually has depth. 

6. Finding Dory

This is a pretty simple 'like' for me. Finding Nemo was one of my childhood favorites, and I really loved how this story felt necessary, as many sequels don't, especially cartoon sequels. We're once again reminded why Pixar is king, and we're also reminded that you can never go wrong with a good story, especially when it could have easily felt repetitive. 

5. Deadpool


Ryan Reynolds does what was nearly impossible and got a movie about the Merc with the Mouth made. It took eleven years, but I'm pretty sure it was worth it. The jokes were relevant, Reynold's portrayal was so spot-on, and the advertising campaign deserves awards for what they were able to accomplish. TJ Miller's presence was also something that I felt was crucial to the success of the film, as his comedic timing and delivery is so ahead of his time - it's likely what Saturday Night Live will be in a few years. Has he hosted yet, and is there any way of having him and Reynolds host together? I'm sad to hear about the exit of Tim Miller, the director, but I think that this franchise will be just fine. 

4. Captain America: Civil War

I see every mainstream comic book movie that comes out come hell or high water (I haven't seen Hell Or High Water, or else it would likely be on this list). Captain America did something that most movies of this scale try and cannot figure out how to do it correctly, and that is have a boatload of characters without it feeling over-crowded. Every character felt necessary and used effectively. Everyone left me wanting more, which I think is what a movie of this kind should do. Spider-Man's appearance was so fresh, yet so comfortable. For the first time ever, our on-screen Spider-Man will be age appropriate, as in, they haven't casted an actor that is or appears to be too old for the part. Tom Holland did great things with his 15 minutes of screen time in this movie and I'm expecting more great things from him in 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming

3. Doctor Strange

This movie could have easily been super-goofy, but in fact, it was super-strange in the best way imaginable. I can't think of a better actor to play Dr. Stephen V. Strange than Benedict Cumberbatch. He was so spot-on to what I've read of the comics and saw in the Marvel Animated Movie. Tilda Swinton, aside from her controversial casting, does an excellent job in the role, and Chiwetel Ejiofor also shows his chops, as he does in everything. The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to show off the talent that they are able to acquire (feeling silly yet, Natalie Portman?), and that will only continue to grow with the upcoming Thor picture. 

2. Rogue One

This movie shouldn't have been as good as it was, and while I still believe it is flawed, it's also amazing. The attention to detail is phenomenal, and this movie was for the hardcore Star Wars fans. The average movier-goer can enjoy it, too, but they won't know what the "Whills" are, but the people that attend every convention that they can will know. Disney once again proves that Star Wars is in the right hands with the House of Mouse. The way they were able to take something so familiar and make it so original was mind blowing, and questions that you had from the original Star Wars will be answered. For this girl, it was a blast. 

1. Kubo And The Two Strings 

Tears, ah, the tears. Kubo And The Two Strings proves that simple yet deep complex storytelling is completely satisfying and I left the theater in amazement at what a complete film I'd just seen. By 'complete' I mean that it didn't feel as if there was any stone left unturned. This was easily a story that could have glossed over the seriousness and intensity of the task at hand, but they didn't. This movie, despite being aimed at children, was so impactful and so serious. It has no call for a sequel, which is welcomed in today's world of animation. No wonder it's my favorite film of the year.

That's it!

That's my list, but I want to know what is on yours. Leave me some comments and tell me what your favorite movies of the year were. What were your least favorites?