November 2016's YASs and EWs.

I try a lot of makeup, okay - A LOT. I have no shame about that, either. Last month, I found more than my fair share of goodies! There's one product that makes me question how it even sells. I guess the orange girls need something. (More on that later...) 

Let's start this off by saying that I am a bargain queen. I legitimately get high when I see that I've saved $20+ on that receipt. I also really love a bargain product, and there are certainly some bargain products on this list! There are also some extra spendy products - one is an 'ew'. 


Let's start off with a new brand (for me), and definitely now a favorite: Morphe. Holy cow! 

Morphe 35F Palette, $23

Some of those reds and purples may look extreme to the shy hearts out there, but they don't come off as extreme when blended correctly, and you don't need spendy brushes to blend these well. I'm doing just fine with $1 Elf brushes. The bottom row of seven shades are strictly mattes, and are great transition shades for your upper crease. While I would stay away from using the matte black as a crease for every day wear, it also functions great as a smokey liner. 

The frost and shimmer shades are also so high pigment, that if you're used to using cheaply-made makeup (it's okay... I still do it, too!) you're going to be shocked when you use this for the first time, because you don't need a lot of product on your brush in order for it to get onto your eyelid. 

The palette has 35 shades that are all insanely amazing, so it's worth the $23 dollars, but there is some fallout, so, in order to insure that this doesn't damage your makeup, put some translucent powder under your eyes in excess, then buff away when you're done with the eyeshadow. Not even my trusty Too Faced Shadow Insurance keeps this from fallout, but the shades are so worth it. You can create an extreme or low-key look with this palette easily, and I cannot wait for the next Morphe palette!

Morphe Pressed Pigment, Powder Room & Champaign Lights, $6 each

Yes, they're pressed pigments, meant to use with a wet brush for extreme color, but that's not how I've been using these babies; I use them as highlighters for specific areas, such as the top centers of my cheeks, the point of my nose, and my chin. The color payoff is amazeballs and they don't fade. Can we talk about that lil fact for a moment? THEY DON'T FADE DURING THEIR WEAR. You can have your makeup on for 18+ hours, and I swear that the glitz will still be there before you wash your face They're also affordable. While I think "Girl Talk" Prismatic Eyeshadow from NYX might be a dupe for "Campaign Nights", you end up getting more product with this Morphe pigment. 

The second color, "Powder Room", looks amazing with bronzer. If you're an extremely pale neutral/warm skin tone like myself (we are rare, in America, at least), this shade was made for you. MADE. 

I apply both of these with a Morphe E61 brush, but I think that if you're trying to make due with what you've got, a buffing eyeshadow brush would work just as well for application, just make sure that the brush is clean! I wouldn't recommend a fan highlighter brush or a heavy round brush for these. A fan brush is too big to use with this container, and a round brush would pick up way too much product and you'd shine like a 100 watt bulb. If you're down with that, though, go for it!

Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming  Perfecter, $36

Yes, yes, I know - this is an absolutely ridiculous price to pay for primer in most cases, but, let me explain: I had been using NYX Shine Killer for two years, and it had been working just fine, but then I moved to the beach and it wasn't enough. My skin had become so oily that I was getting acne, and I needed something that would make my foundation stick. Nothing on the drugstore end had anything with this level of potency, and by golly, this thing lives up to its promise and its price point. 

I was shocked at the consistency when the Ulta clerk put it on my hand; it's thick... really thick, but that's necessary if you're battling extremely oily skin. That being said, this primer is certainly not for everyone. If you are dry or normal, back away from this, because it's certainly not for you, but if you are extremely oily all over or in the t-zone, this lil lady has your name on her. It dries quickly, so you have to rub it in and set it as soon as you begin to apply. You must act quickly. I don't say that about most makeup, but this is the exception. 

Bottom line: if your skin produces an extreme amount of oil, invest in this. The bottle does not run out quickly, and a little goes a long way, so you actually might be saving money when doing a comparison to cheaper brands. 

Elf Ultimate Blending Brush, $6

I am a firm believer in the Elf Professional Brushes line. They really are professional quality, and this brush is no different. I've been using it to blur/fuse my contour/highlight line, and it works like a dream! It also feels great against your skin. It's absolutely perfect for blending in my bronzer, contour, and buffing out anything that looks blotchy. My only precautions here is make sure your foundation is dry before you use this, and I wouldn't recommend using it as an applicator for wet products. I say that because the bristles are long enough and not so densely packed, making it easy for your product to end up mostly in the brush instead of on your face. 

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Mask, Facial Polishing, Charcoal & Black Sugar, $3

I didn't think you could beat the Queen Helene Mint Julep Scrub. I just didn't believe it was possible, but guess what? It totally is. This is the most amazing scrub I've ever used. The sensation of my face feeling like a baby's butt is the best - a clean baby butt. 

Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray, $31

Some people don't see the point of setting spray, but where a base insures that your foundation will last throughout the day, this protects your entire look from moving. Think of it this way: your makeup is like Kim Kardashian and needs two bodyguards - one to protect her from oncoming overeager fans, and one in the back to protect her from sneak attacks.  

You might not think you need setting spray, but if you're like me and don't want your blush to streak (oily skin problems), you might want this. I'm looking for a dupe. If you know of one, hit me up, but until then, I'm obsessed with this. I even bought a travel size to keep in my purse as a refresher. 


Let me preface this by saying that if you don't like a product, take it back, for goodness sake. Get your money back and buy something that works. It's going to take up space in your closet and take money out of your wallet if you don't. Most places (even Walmart) accept returns if you're not satisfied. That being said:

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, $39

"Try it," they said. "You'll like it," they said. I wanted to love this foundation SO BAD. I even believed it was working for me at first, but alas... no, it wasn't. I'm so devout about Too Faced's Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer that I was convinced that this must work, too. The only people I'm convinced that this works for are people that are addicted to spray tans, because, honey, this thing oxidizes ORANGE, even with a setting powder, even in their lightest shade, "Snow". No matter what I did with this, I was ready to be a stand-in Oompa Loompa. If I had had some sort of neutralizing agent, maybe we'd be saying something different right now, but who wants to do that?

I'd heard too many good things about this foundation. I bought "Pearl", the second lightest shade at first, and realized that was too dark (it wasn't during the application, but later in the day is another story), so I headed back to my worship center, Ulta, and exchanged it for the lightest shade, "Snow", and I'll be damned if that didn't end up looking orange on me, too.

I KNOW I was doing a good job with the application (damp Real Techniques sponge, patting/beating it in, etc). It also gave me the coverage I wanted; if I wanted to look natural, I wouldn't wear makeup, okay? If you want full coverage and are orange, I highly recommend this foundation. Good Lord, was I disappointed, and frankly I still am. Too Faced, I still have faith in you, though! I'm still impressed with the application and how plastic (good thing) it makes you look. I just hate, hate, HATE that it oxidized on me. I'm getting to the point that I'm seriously considering purchasing Japanese-brand foundation, as they make pale olive tones. Hey, makeup companies: JUST BECAUSE I'M PALE DOESN'T MEAN I'M PINK. 

Freeman Pomegranate Facial Revealing Peel-Off Mask, $4.29

There is something super-satisfying about taking a peel-off mask off, right? What isn't super satisfying is when it causes breakouts and overall does nothing good for your skin. I know that this has a lot of fans, but I'm just not one of them. Since I am so impressed with their scrub (see above), I will likely try more products. This lil girl is going back to Ulta as soon as I can get there. 

I just NEED a mask that I can peel off - nothing feels as good as pulling off a good mask! 

Loreal Lumi Liquid Foundation, $13

If you're dry, get this, because it goes on smoothly and it will give you a glow, hence its name. If you're like me, a complete idiot, who bought this knowing good and well that it is luminescent, AKA, shiny(!), and that I already have my own version of that that my body provides naturally, don't buy this. This is also going back ASAP. 

Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer, $5

There must be something about my body that is designed to not work well with products that the majority of the population loves. This concealer was pulling the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation off of my skin. It was working against my primer, and I've never seen that happen before. I could only get it to stay with that foundation if I stippled it on with my fingers.

I'm just trying to highlight here, maybe cover up my under eyes. I even set this stuff, and it still looked creasy, and even in the lightest shade, was dark on me. The foot on the applicator is terrible, as its literally a wand that could have been on any other product that requires a wind. Newer high-end lines are now making concealers with a flexible foot, which is great for applying a good amount of product without a second dip into the tube. ANY drugstore brand could do that, but they won't, and they won't do it because the drugstore brands are owned by the higher end brands, and that's the product they'd really like you to buy. I get it, capitalism, but also, wahhhh. 

I hear the Ulta Angels whispering in my ear: "Buy Tarte Shape Tape." 


Have any suggestions for me to try this month? Already tried Maybelline's new Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer, and HOLY CRAP, also GOOD STUFF. I can't wait to write about it next month!

What other products should I try? Do you have any favorites/staples that I need to try? Lemme know, guys and dolls. 

May the Glitter Geek be with you!